Bob Effros in 1929

Bob Effros in 1929
Bob Effros (left) with Vincent Lopez Orchestra

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Why Don't You Get Lost?" Bob Effros/Phil Wall w/ "Calloway's Hot Shots"

A personal family favorite composed by Grandpa Bob Effros and friend, Phil Wall.

The group is most likely "Roane's Pennsylvanians" under the pseudonym of "Calloway's Hot Shots". Cab Calloway and numerous others bands recorded this humerous, satiricle break up song.

Band spin off's and credits are often difficult to authenticate. Liner notes and orchestra credits were minimal at best. Roane's Pennslyvannnian's were a group of Irish family brothers whom did not seem to get the recognition they were due.

Enjoy the lyrics! A  jealous, silly break up love song that we can all relate to at one time or another. A genuine sense of our Grandpa's humor!

The credits I have found for this version are:

Vocals by Cliff Nazarro (a popular comedian of the 20's and 30's) The orchestra includes: Harry Berman, Louis Martino, Terry Page, Dyke Bittenbender, Johnny Nadlinger, Joe Allard, Paul Savage and Herbert Lee. (Corrections welcome). Thank you Kevin Mueller for posting.