Bob Effros in 1929

Bob Effros in 1929
Bob Effros (left) with Vincent Lopez Orchestra

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Solving the Mystery: A Call to Action

My mother and I started this blog last February as a labor of love. When we began this project, we simply wanted to find out more about the man: my Great, Grandfather Bob Effros. This blog has become so much than we ever imagined.

We are inspired by other relatives and descendants of Jazz & Blues musicians from the 1920's and 1930's exploring their family history. Through these new friends and acquaintances, we have found out more about Bob and other talents from "Big Band and Swing" era. 

Relatives of famous artists such as Ben Selvin and The Boswell Sisters have reached out to us and shared knowledge and excitement about these acclaimed musicians. These discussions have lead us to more information about this era and the stars who made the amazing songs, captivating people around the world to this day! 
With this influx of findings, we are starting to solve the mystery of who Bob Effros really was and the exciting life he experienced. This post is a big thank you to the many people who have connected with us, and are helping us along our journey. We still would love to know who made up Bob's entourage and we can use your help. If you have any information about Bob Effros or the people he played music and travelled with in Europe and along the Mississippi River, please contact us.  Our emails are listed below or add to the comment section.

Thanks once again,

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